Sports Graphic for JMC 305


In JMC 305 we were asked to create a sports graphic made through Adobe Photoshop. I chose to make a sports graphic about Sidney Crosby. On February 16, 2017 Sidney Crosby recorded his 1,000th point in the National Hockey League. He did so by giving the main assist to long time teammate and friend, Chris Kunitz’s goal against the Winnipeg Jets on home ice. Crosby has been a part of the Pittsburgh Penguins organization for almost 12 seasons. Drafted first overall in the 2005 NHL draft, Crosby has continued to make history and will until the end of his career. He is the current captain of the Penguins, has won two Stanley Cups with the franchise, one as the youngest captain to hoist the Stanley Cup, two Olympic gold medals for team Canada and now has reached 1,000 points. It is a huge milestone for any player in their career and those around him are extremely happy to see him reach this point.


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