C.R.A.P Detection Assignment

Why is there CRAP news out there?

Well, I don’t personally know the answer to this other than to simply cause trouble and riff among people and publications. However, you can take some simple steps to avoid getting CRAP news and getting real news that benefits you! Ask yourself these simple questions:

  • How old is the information that is given to you?
  • Are there reliable sources that helped produce the article or information given?
  • What is the background information about the website OR person? Does this lead you to somewhere you don’t want to be?
  • Check what type of domain it is….this can be helpful. Is it a .gov .com .edu?
  • What is the true purpose of this article?

These simple questions can help you find the perfect website or news organization to give you your daily news. Down below are three news websites that I would suggest and three news websites that I would not suggest. Remember, it is just my OPINION, but you should really check out where you get your news from because you may be highly surprised in what you find.

Here are three news websites that I highly suggest using:

NY Times

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 3.35.14 PM

I like the NY Times because they have such high credibility among their readers. Even in the times of being pointed out by President Trump, the newspaper still hold their head high and produce great content. They give their readers the truth and an unbiased opinion about the stories that they print. Their news is also always timely and gives the readers accurate information, unlike some other news sources. The NY Times is an automatic go to for me because of those reasons. Their paper is a great example of journalism and how they still continue to give us the correct news, not what we want to hear.

Washington Post

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 3.35.30 PM

The Washington Post has been around since the beginning of time! (Just kidding, but they are really old) The Washington Post has a similar set up to the NY Times webpage. Their journalism keeps us up to date about important political statements since they are based out of Washington D.C. Again, just like the Times they give their readers accurate information that can be trusted. Their articles give us an unbiased opinion and look on topics that can be biased elsewhere. The Washington Post is a must go-to when looking for a proper form of journalism.

BBC News

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 3.51.41 PM

Even though this is a poor screenshot due to the lovely advertisements, BBC World News is a great place to start if you are looking for some world news. BBC World News is based out of Great Britain, hence the BBC name. When I hear the name, I think of the great documentaries that they put out to the public. BBC World News not only covers British news they cover the United States, Canada and other world news in every country. BBC is timely and keeps their readers up to date about current world situations at hand. They give us accurate world news and are unbiased as well.

Here are news websites I would not suggest using:

The Onion

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 3.56.36 PM

When you get onto the website it looks pretty professional right? Kind of like the NY Times website? Well, they got you there if it looks professional, but once you get into the actual content it is pretty messy. They are considered a satire news outlet. HA HA HA, but really it is not that funny being in today’s world and everything is considered fake news! The Onion likes to pop up on people’s Facebook pages and are not trustworthy at any cost. They are just simply there to appeal to you and what you want to hear and are not putting out accurate content, only content to mess with your brain! Stay away from The Onion because they smell..

Daily Buzz Live

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 4.05.16 PM

Daily Buzz Live is in the same category as The Onion, but they are not satire news it is just simple propaganda. These little stories pop up all over Facebook AND Twitter too! They are those stories like, “Look at these Dirty Photos” and “OMG! What She Found in this Selfie Will Send Chills Down Your Spine!” Wow…sounds like some pretty newsworthy information to me! Once you actually open these articles up there are usually ads all over and sometimes you even accidentally click on one and you don’t even know how. I would definitely steer clear from Daily Buzz Live because you cannot always trust what is on the internet.

American News

Screen Shot 2017-03-13 at 4.12.36 PM

American News is simply just a hoax. This is complete fake news and a site you should not rely on for your daily news because for all you know it is not real. The American News looks pretty real just like The Onion and Daily Buzz Live, but it is really made up of stories that are just not real and are made to fake you out! These are also stories that may be biased towards your opinion and do not speak the truth of what is actually happening around you.   Be careful for what pops up on your timeline in any social media site because it could be American News and it could be not true.

At the end of the day just check out where you are getting your information from. If you are going to get into an argument with someone the least you could do is have your facts right instead of incorrect! Like I said before, this is just my opinion, you may not agree with me and that’s okay, but please do check where you get news from! Feel free to comment if you have any suggestions where you get your news from or places to steer clear from!


One thought on “C.R.A.P Detection Assignment

  1. So eloquently written, makes a person think twice before you state a fact you know nothing about, fantastic article, congratulations for bringing some of the stories you read to light.


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