Bar Down Hockey Podcasts

The Bar Down Hockey Podcasts are produced and ran by myself, Ethan Schmidt and Josh Zaklis. These are podcasts about your latest NHL news, Arizona State hockey, international  hockey and everything in between. Down below are our most recent podcasts that you can listen to! You can also follow our twitter page Bar Down Hockey Show. With our new and upcoming twitter page we will have polls, guest interactions, weekly questions and more!


October 31:

October 17:

October 10:

October 3:

September 26:

September 23: 

September 5: 5 Hot, 5 Not Over the Summer Break

August 29: Dude Referees are Human too

April 30: Semester Finale: Midway Thru Round 2

April 24: First Round is Coming to the End

April 13: Playoff Hockey is a Different Breed

April 9: Playoff Talk

April 2: The Playoffs Are Near

March 26: We are Only a Few Games Away From Playoffs…

March 19: Who is to Blame if Capitals Choke Again?

February 26: Western Conference Trade Deadline

February 19: Eastern Conference Trade Deadline

February 5: ASU Hockey to NHL Updates

January 29: All-Star Hockey Special