5 Hot, 5 Not Over the Summer Break

The Bar Down Hockey Show explored the offseason of ten different teams. We even hear the thoughts about Josh’s New York Islanders because nobody ever knows what they are doing. Hear who we picked as the offseason’s “not hot” and “hot” lists and why we thought so. Next week’s show we will get into the the Las Vegas Golden Knights topic.


Dude Referees are Human too

Well folks, the time has come and the Bar Down Hockey kids are back together for another season to talk everything and anything hockey. This past season ended with the Pittsburgh Penguins winning the Stanley Cup (if you check my bracket, I guessed this correctly..) and off season questions such as what do we do about referees. Yes, everyone’s favorite…THE referees. We are excited to share our thoughts with you and we will be getting into more quality topics in the upcoming weeks leading up to the first day of the 2017-2018 season.

Semester Finale: Midway Thru Round 2

Check out the final Bar Down Hockey podcast of the semester! We dive deep into the NHL lottery draft and talk about the second round. The second round is still in action, so we give you a couple of predictions of what we think happens the rest of the round. We want to thank you for listening and being a fan of the Bar Down Hockey Show! Please feel free to comment or contact one of us if you have an idea or think you have something you want to discuss with us.

Greg Crowder Memorial Photojournalism Award Contest

As the year is winding down I have selected my top photos from this past year to enter into a the Crowder Award Contest through the Cronkite School. Here are my top seven photos from the year.

Junior defender and team captain Madison Stark awaits for her teammates to set up before she throws the ball in against Stanford University.
Junior libero Halle Harker takes a breath before taking her serve against Washington State University.
Sophomore forward James Gusso continues to practice his shot at his Chandler, Arizona home during the off season from the ASU D2 ACHA Club Hockey team.
The ASU men’s club lacrosse team had a 8-5 record in the 2016-2017 season. Head Coach Todd MacRobbie turned the team around after struggling in his first season with the team.
Sophomore face off specialist Trevor Driscoll contributed a goal against the University of Arizona on April 15. Driscoll dominated the entire game with 10 ground balls.
The ASU men’s club lacrosse sideline went crazy after the team scored in their 10-4 win against rival University of Arizona.
Junior midfielder Wes Schuler tried to put the ASU men’s club lacrosse team up on the board against Phoenix valley rival Grand Canyon University.

Playoff Hockey is a Different Breed

This week we did the show a little early due to Easter Sunday! However, we had great content regarding the opening night of the NHL playoffs on April 12th. We touched on NCAA ASU hockey’s nine recruits and new hires for the Dallas Stars and Las Vegas Golden Knights.

If you are curious here are my 3 thoughts about NHL playoffs from the show today:
1) Playoff hockey is a different breed than the regular season
2) The fans, they get crazy, they get competitive, they will make your road games difficult
3) The goalies…they make or break the team’s playoff run, screw defense and offense it is all about the play of goaltenders

The Floor 12 2k Tournament

This speciality package was made for the fans of the Floor 12 2k Tournament. Jeff Griffith rounded the boys together in an all fun round tournament. The tournament was held in Ryan Ladika’s room with his XBOX. Doing this package helped me learn how to put something complete together for a team or a single person. The package also helped my interviewing skills and put them to the test when I need interviews for a package. This package was edited on Adobe Premiere. Doing multiple videos strengthened my skills on Adobe, which before JMC 305 were nonexistent! I hope you guys in enjoy this comical package of Jeff and his friends.