JMC 305 Class

In this tab I have all my work done with my JMC 305 class at Cronkite in the Spring of 2017. The content includes everything from Adobe Premier and learning how to make infographics. All the links below will take you to that project that was done for the class. I hope you enjoy seeing my progress through the class.


April 11: The Floor 12 2k Tournament

April 6: Infographic

April 3: Locations of Final Four Teams-Google Maps

April 3: How to Throw a Baseball-Adobe Premiere Assignment

March 27: Audio Slideshow

March 20: Bar Down Hockey Preview

March 13: C.R.A.P Detection Assignment

February 23: Sports Graphic

February 13: Photoshop Gif

February 8: Street Hockey-Photo Slideshow Assignment

January 30: Live Tweet Assignment