Work Experience

Reporter: Walter Cronkite Sports Network

January 2017-Present
Entering my second semester of college, I was chosen to be a part of the coverage team for the ASU Men’s Club Lacrosse Team. While on the team, I worked on my photography skills, writing skills and on-camera skills by side-line reporting and intermission reporting. This coverage team helped work on my interactions with the coaches and players.

Cronkite Ambassador: Walter Cronkite School

February 2017-Present
As a Cronkite Ambassador, I give tours to perspective students and adults learning about the Cronkite School. I also mentor current freshmen by being in their ASU 101 course and meet them in their student orientations. We also hold a number events throughout the year such as Must See Mondays and Movie Night Wednesdays.

Tour Guide: Downtown Devils’ Advocates

September 2016-Present
As a Devils’ Advocate, I get to make an impact on student’s life choices. I give prospective students tours of the Downtown Phoenix campus in hope they fall in love with our school. By sharing my personal experiences at Arizona State, I help them think about their own college future and where they should attend school. My favorite part of each tour is seeing the smiles on their faces after the tour has ended. I know that I did my job in helping them decide an important life changing decision.
I received the Most Valuable Tour Guide Award for the 2016-217 school year & in the Tour Guide group with giving 12+ tours during the year.

Soccer Coach: Gilbert High Soccer Camp

May 2016-Present
The previous three years I was an assistant coach for the 5-7 age group. I took over as head coach in 2016 and loved every minute of coaching the little kids. Over the course of the week I teach them the very basics on how to play soccer. We play fun games revolved around passing, shooting, dribbling and technical skills. This year will be my second-year coaching future soccer stars.

Intermission Reporter: Walter Cronkite Sports Network

October 2016-January 2017
My first semester of college I had the opportunity to be an Intermission Reporter for the ACHA D1 Men’s Hockey Team. Walter Cronkite Sports Network helped me dive into the world in front of a camera. My hands-on experience gave me the tools to continue my career as a sports reporter. I learned the basics of asking my co-hosts proper questions, fluent speech and producing content for an audience.

Counter Girl: Zella’s Pizza and Cheesesteaks

May 2016-July 2016
At Zella’s I did a variety of jobs that helped build my personal skills. I had to interact with customers, handle money and cooperate with my coworkers. Working in a pressured job with rush hours helped me learn how to properly use time management while handling customers who were unhappy with their service.

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